The Energy of being intentional.

||“Reflective thinking turns experience into insights.” - John c. Maxwell

Last year I started a mantra series on my Social Media channels, with the intention to feature mantras on a regular basis so they can serve as a prompt to pause, reflect and align us to a positive state of being. Mantras are a simple yet powerful tool, supporting us in being more intentional. There is nothing better than starting your day with intention and, following through with your intention(s).

If you are interested in learning more about mantras, please click here to read Mantras - simple yet powerful. To join the mantra series, follow me on Instagram or Facebook. 

Definition of intention – intentional.

  • Oxford Languages defines intention as a thing intended, an aim or plan. Interestingly, in the medicine context it stands for the healing process of a wound. Adjective intentional: done on purpose; deliberate
  • Merriam-Webster describes it as what one intends to do or bring about as well as a determination to act in a certain way. Adjective intentional: done by intention or design.

When I feel into 'intentional', I automatically think of Spearmint essential oil, its refreshing scent and the wisdom it holds - beautifully explained in Robbi Zeck's book The Blossoming Heart. I use this amazing book in the clinic every day and Spearmint shows up regularly for clients.

Here is why - Spearmint supports the shift from feeling weary to invigorated, strengthening our commitment to the evolutionary process, growth and expansion. It brings these key insights (quoting from The Blossoming Heart):

  • Your energy drives your body, and it is your intention that drives your energy
  • There is a power that comes with setting an intention
  • Accomplishments are achieved with greater ease when your energy and your intention are truly aligned.

Tools & techniques to nurture an intentional way of Being.

Being intentional helps me to slow down, focus and be more present in the moment – these are some of the ways how I foster an intentional mindset:

  • Create space in the evening or before going asleep to set a positive intention for the next day – this can be as broad or as specific as you wish it to be; this way it can all percolate overnight while you are sleeping, waking up fully charged
  • Upon waking, take a few conscious deep breaths and remind yourself of your intention - do this ideally in combination with your grounding practice - click here to read The Value of Grounding
  • During the day, repeat a mantra or affirmation such as “I am intentional” or “My energy and intention are truly aligned.” - feel free to create a tailored mantra/ affirmation that best describes your intention set for the day (or week) –> if you know you get easily caught up in your day to day activities, try setting an alarm on your phone to prompt you
  • In the evening, set time aside to reflect on your day and your intention (ideally in writing); evaluate with compassion and objectivity:
    • What worked well, what didn’t work so well and why
    • How you can learn from it as well as any other key experiences, reactions or emotions
    • This doesn’t have to take long but will give you an opportunity to write things down, get it out of your mind and will also serve as a tool to develop strategies or recognise patterns, habits or behaviours
    • Consider combining this with a gratitude practice i.e. write down or ponder with awareness 3 things you are grateful for, lifting your energetic vibration and, ending the day on a positive note 
  • Use this time to decide on your intention for the next day or reaffirm the one you’ve set for the week.

The key is practice and consistency - I encourage my clients to make these tools their own and adjust them as they see fit.

Setting intentions and creating carefully chosen moments of reflection – instead of mind chatter, worry or overthinking - opens us to awareness, insight and inspiration, enabling perspective and a level of higher consciousness.

||How do you feel about being more intentional?

|| What does it look like for you?

Enjoy exploring a more intentional lifestyle, please reach out if I you have any questions and/or if I can provide support in any way.

With inspiration and intention,


“I can absolutely recommend Lexi, she is kind, compassionate and her treatments have helped me identify and manage stress and long held patterns of behaviour which have caused a massive shift in my health and wellbeing.” Helen (53)
“Lexi has been an integral part of my health regime for the past 3 years. I first went to Lexi because I was not seeing any improvement through conventional medicine for my health issue. I am consistently amazed at how much better I feel after having kinesiology sessions with Lexi.” Kylie (50)
“I felt out of balance and over stressed with my business, family and health and developed a skin condition. After seeing Lexi, I felt more focused and productive at work and far less stressed. My skin condition completely left after my 2nd session within 7 days. I can’t thank you enough Lexi.” Oli (30)
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