Generating a sense of freedom within.

As part of the mantra series on my social media channels, I recently shared one of my favourite ones - I am free. The concept of generating a sense of freedom comes up frequently with clients in their kinesiology sessions, often accompanied by specific essential oils or flower essences. Take a moment to repeat “I am free.” – do this a few times, how does it resonate if you say it, think it and feel into it? What does it mean to you to be free?

I recently worked with a young gentleman who felt very restricted and controlled. After speaking about this in more detail and agreeing that at this point the external circumstances could not be changed, we focused on evoking the opposite and flipping it to feeling free. By the end of the session, the client could feel a change within and walked away with a different understanding and perspective (and equipped with support strategies).

There can be a variety of things that we may perceive as imposing, whether it is a health or physical impediment, certain behaviours of others, financial limitations, challenges or new rules at work or, if we cast ourselves back to lockdowns, authorities placing restrictions upon us.

We may not necessarily be able to change these, however, in my view, creating a sense of freedom starts in the mind. If we can embrace an attitude of being and feeling free, no matter what, it creates space within us and it creates a shift, supporting us in dealing with the day-to-day stresses, restrictions or challenges life might present. 

Choosing to approach each day with a freedom mindset, can help change how we feel about what is constricting or imposing, subsequently tension eases, we can breathe more freely, our body and mind can relax and hopefully, we are able to experience a lot more joy and lightness. 

There are many tools to support this process and using a mantra - especially in combination with some form of meditation - can be helpful and empowering. When I work with the mantra, I am free, it makes me feel instantly lighter which is why I often affirm “I am light and free.”

The other aspect of freedom that often shows with clients, is the desire to have the freedom to express themselves and to be who they truly areToo often we hide our thoughts and feelings and don’t allow ourselves to be our Authentic Self. 

There can be a variety of reasons why we feel we need to change who we are or hold back – whether it stems from the need to please others, limiting belief systems, fear of rejection or worry about what others think. Alas, we tend to adjust what we say, how we say it or, we don’t say anything at all – sound familiar?

In this scenario, I recommend using affirmations such as below - they are supportive, liberating and help rewire the brain pathways:

  • “I am free to be me.” 
  • “I am free to express myself.” 
  • “I am free to be authentic.”
  • “I express myself freely.”

If you like using essential oils, the two connecting with this topic and as described in Robbi Zeck’s book The Blossoming Heart are:

  • German Chamomile – shifts feeling imposed upon to freedom
  • Lemongrass – shifts feeling restricted to expanded

Needless to say, there are other elements that can contribute to generating a sense of freedom such as literally creating space in your external environment, be it at your office, home or both. In 2022, my focus was Simplicity and thus I questioned and looked for areas where I could simplify things. For example, I physically decluttered my office/home and said goodbye to clothes and other items I have been holding onto for way too long. I also created a more streamlined and minimalistic approach to mobile phone usage and emails as well as set boundaries with respect to engagement in Social Media and TV/ streaming services (and instead, I rediscovered my joy of reading fiction). Together with my regular meditation practice and consciously carving out space for stillness, I created more room to relax, breathe and to simply be which in turn helped clear my mind and made me feel more expanded and free. 

Here’s to creating more freedom and space. If you need support or guidance, kinesiology is a powerful way to shift attitudes and old ways of being.

With ease & flow,


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“I felt out of balance and over stressed with my business, family and health and developed a skin condition. After seeing Lexi, I felt more focused and productive at work and far less stressed. My skin condition completely left after my 2nd session within 7 days. I can’t thank you enough Lexi.” Oli (30)
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