Consciously choosing joy, light & flow.

Posted on Sep 12th 2020

The scent of spring is in the air – coupled with the recent stunning sunny weather, I felt inspired to take a closer look at my attitude to life and be more mindful of how I approach each day.I work with flower essences on a regular basis, in the clinic with my clients, and also on a personal level – they always reveal incredible messages and teach us a lot about ourselves. The products by Hanako Therapies form an integral part of my kinesiology treatments (I am also a proud stockist.)For September, I selected the Lavender Flower Essence as it serves as a wonderful reminder to:Kick up our heels every now & ...

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The next steps of the journey.

Posted on Oct 31st 2020

Are you looking forward or back?We are over ¾ quarters through 2020 and oh what a year it has been so far – life as we knew it has been literally put up-side-down. There were times where I truly didn’t know where I was at and in which direction I should be looking, let alone be taking.It’s easy to get stuck in the past and the ‘what if’s - while this is not necessarily desirable, I believe looking back and reflecting on what has been, can be beneficial. I find it brings me a lot of clarity to sit down, grab a few blank pieces of ...

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“I can absolutely recommend Lexi, she is kind, compassionate and her treatments have helped me identify and manage stress and long held patterns of behaviour which have caused a massive shift in my health and wellbeing.” Helen (53)
“Lexi has been an integral part of my health regime for the past 3 years. I first went to Lexi because I was not seeing any improvement through conventional medicine for my health issue. I am consistently amazed at how much better I feel after having kinesiology sessions with Lexi.” Kylie (50)
“I felt out of balance and over stressed with my business, family and health and developed a skin condition. After seeing Lexi, I felt more focused and productive at work and far less stressed. My skin condition completely left after my 2nd session within 7 days. I can’t thank you enough Lexi.” Oli (30)
“I have suffered with nightly leg cramps for many years with no relief. Lexi was recommended to me by my daughter and after 1 visit and follow up, I am now free of the dreaded leg cramps. I can highly recommend Lexi, I think she is amazing, and I will continue to be a client of her.” Lorraine (74)
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