Mantras – simple yet powerful.

A couple of months ago I listened to a guided meditation, centered around I AM mantras. It was a welcome reminder of how incredibly impactful and energising mantras are. Inspired, I started a mantra series on my Social Media feeds, with the intention to feature mantras on a regular basis - so they can serve as a prompt to pause and align us to a positive state of being. Feel free to join me on Instagram or Facebook.

Last week, I spoke to a few of my clients about personal power, releasing stresses around it, creating awareness, and discussing how to step back into it. It's never pleasant to experience a sense of powerlessness to the point of feeling defeated, flat or unmotivated. This can be exacerbated by the current environment where a lot of things seem outside of our control. Sound familiar?

Alas, I chose to kick start November with the “I am Empowered” mantra.

What is a mantra?

Mantra comes from two Sanskrit words: “man” = mind; “tra”= vehicle or instrument, thus, a mantra is a mind vehicle or instrument, a tool to shift our mind from a state of activity to a state of stillness, quietude and focus.

Like affirmations, a mantra can be helpful in:

  • Rewiring our thought patterns, especially when our inner critic is super active
  • Redirecting our brain and neurological pathways into a positive direction
  • Rebalancing and calming ourselves, especially if we have been thrown off centre
  • Uplifting our energy and shifting our energetic vibration into a higher gear.

How to use a mantra?

Working with a chosen I AM mantra is a simple yet deep practice; a beautiful way of getting in touch with our True Self and connecting with how we would like to be and feel. 

  • You can say the mantra out loud, whisper it and/or recite it silently
  • Keep repeating it and do so regularly, allowing it to steadily infuse your inner landscape
  • You can also practise mantra meditation – something I find very beneficial, for more information, click here to read my article Creating space for stillness.

Besides affirming a mantra, I recommend to consciously connect with its meaning and importantly, what it means to you, so in this example what are you and feel empowered about? I find it helpful to grab a piece of paper and write things out to get clearer and set positive intentions. This doesn’t have to be complicated, for example, it could look like this:

I am empowered to:

  • Switch off the news
  • Take a break from social media
  • Go outside and go for a walk
  • Set clear boundaries
  • Say “no” when I really want to say it
  • Prioritise selfcare
  • Sit down and relax
  • Make wise wellbeing choices
  • Reward myself
  • Pay myself a compliment
  • Ground myself daily
  • Do absolutely nothing.

What would your list look like? What mantra will you choose? 

Remember, there is no right or wrong way, only your unique way. I hope mantras will become your steady companion and reliable wellbeing tool so you can stay empowered, centred and present.

With Grace,


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