Balance & Wellbeing - Maintaining a strong auric field.

Our auric field or aura is an extension of ourselves. In essence, it is an energetic field that surrounds our body consisting of several layers; these subtle bodies connect each into our physical body via energy centres (chakras). In Traditional Chinese Medicine the aura is referred to as the Wei Chi Field.

There are many aspects that can contribute to a weak auric field or throwing our aura (us) out, such as stressful experiences, traumatic events, travelling on a plane or a medical procedure/ surgery. There can be individual triggers such as a specific person, a place, even a song – we may or may not be aware of these triggers, often they are unconsciously linked to a memory or past stressful event.

Why is it important to keep a strong auric field?

If our auric field is ‘out’ and not aligned, it affects us, our balance and how centred we are feeling. We may feel ungrounded and disconnected from ourselves (and our intuition), overall impacting on how effectively we are able to manage the day-to-day of our lives. 

When our energy isn’t grounded, it leaves the emotions in a constant state of flux with no apparent release or resolve, they just keep recirculating, particularly fears; in such a state – and with a weak imbalanced auric field - we can also be more prone to take on other people’s emotions, causing further confusion and havoc. Mentally, we may not be able to think clearly, feel foggy and/or have difficulty making decisions. On a physical level, we might feel literally imbalanced to the point of bumping into things.

How to establish a strong auric field.

In Kinesiology and what I do in my clinic every day, there are several methods to realign the aura and the client's overall system as well as balancing recurring patterns that may throw the client and the auric field out. 

I've put together some simple techniques you can practice at home to maintain a strong auric field: 

The Gentle Sway - Video Demonstration  

This Qigong exercise supports your core and a strong Wei Chi Field. Take a look at the video demonstration – click on the link below:

Link to Video Demonstration - The Gentle Sway (with sound)


Please read carefully through the instructions and pointers below:

  • Start with a solid stance - feet hip width apart, feet pointing forward, knees are slightly bent and straight forward, aligned with your feet and hips
  • Close your eyes for a moment, take a couple of conscious breaths and relax your shoulders
  • When you are ready, open our eyes and start swaying your hips and upper body gently from side to side – ensure that you do not twist your knees to avoid injuries
  • As you move from side to side, let your arms dangle i.e. moving them and your shoulders in a gentle swinging motion - imagine your torso is a washcloth that you are trying to wring out
  • As you swing your arms alternating to the front and back of your upper body:
    • Briefly touch your navel with the hand that is in the front and the area of the lower back (level with your navel) with the other hand
    • These two points relate to significant acupressure points in Traditional Chinese Medicine and aid the centering
  • Stay mindful of your breathing and check that your shoulders are relaxed, your knees forward and slightly bent
  • Allow your mind to ease and clear, let go of thoughts as best as you can and imagine worries/stresses releasing as you exhale
  • To finish, pause in the starting position - draw your attention to your feet on the ground, feel the connection to the Earth and a few more deep breaths.

Please note

  • Do this exercise for a minimum of 5 minutes, every day
  • You can close your eyes once you are comfortable with the exercise and are able to maintain a balanced stance (please stay safe)
  • Once you have established a regular practice, you’ll be able to clear your mind fairly easily so you can simply focus on the swaying motion and the flow of energy – it can become truly meditative.

Grounding practice

Grounding is hugely important and I keep referring to this practice for that reason – it is a simple yet powerful way for our auric field to stay aligned and for us to stay anchored. To find out more, read my article by clicking here: The Value of Grounding.

Cold shower

Finishing with cold water when you are showering or, having a cold shower after a bath is beneficial for your auric field, allow the cold water to run across the front and back as well as the sides of your body, splash your face with it as well. As an additional benefit, this will also strengthen your immune system.

As always, listen to your body and observe whether this is beneficial for you - everyone has different needs and if in doubt, conduct further research or consult with your healthcare professional.

A special thank you to my esteemed tutors Ann and Sandie for sharing their wisdom and the above information with me.

With balance & grace,


“I can absolutely recommend Lexi, she is kind, compassionate and her treatments have helped me identify and manage stress and long held patterns of behaviour which have caused a massive shift in my health and wellbeing.” Helen (53)
“Lexi has been an integral part of my health regime for the past 3 years. I first went to Lexi because I was not seeing any improvement through conventional medicine for my health issue. I am consistently amazed at how much better I feel after having kinesiology sessions with Lexi.” Kylie (50)
“I felt out of balance and over stressed with my business, family and health and developed a skin condition. After seeing Lexi, I felt more focused and productive at work and far less stressed. My skin condition completely left after my 2nd session within 7 days. I can’t thank you enough Lexi.” Oli (30)
“I have suffered with nightly leg cramps for many years with no relief. Lexi was recommended to me by my daughter and after 1 visit and follow up, I am now free of the dreaded leg cramps. I can highly recommend Lexi, I think she is amazing, and I will continue to be a client of her.” Lorraine (74)
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