Autumn check in

Autumn is the perfect season to check-in & review where we are at, what at we would like to keep and what we can let go off. There is nothing more empowering than shedding what no longer serves us & our wellbeing. Just like nature gets ready and trees drop their leaves, we too, can prepare ourselves physically, emotionally & mentally for the cooler quieter months ahead.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine autumn is linked to the Metal element which resembles letting go of the old and in doing so creating space for the new. The organs associated with Metal are the lungs and large intestine. Both are hugely important for elimination & cleansing our body so we can receive nourishment & new energy. In order for fresh oxygenated air to enter the lungs, we must first breathe out and rid ourselves of cell waste, shifting old stale air – inhalation (or rather inspiration) is only possible because of exhalation and vice versa. The large intestine distinguishes between what nourishes us i.e. what elements/nutrients the body needs versus those that can be eliminated.

Similarly, to reach our milestones, strategic planning is one step. Yet checking in to review whether our intended action has translated into the completed action, is another. Evaluating our progress and what has or hasn’t worked forms a vital part of the process, enabling us to recognise what to let go and, ponder what to choose & implement instead. Naturally we want to achieve what we set out to do – the pathway of getting there is as valuable as the reward at the end; it teaches us a lot of things about ourselves, our patterns, where we fall short (and why) and what we do well.

To support you with this, I’ve prepared a monthly check-in template designed to complement the planner template released in February (for more information/to download this free template, please refer to article “Staying the course”). As always, make it your own - happy reviewing and enjoy your autumn.

Click here to download: Monthly Check-in Template.pdf

“I can absolutely recommend Lexi, she is kind, compassionate and her treatments have helped me identify and manage stress and long held patterns of behaviour which have caused a massive shift in my health and wellbeing.” Helen (53)
“Lexi has been an integral part of my health regime for the past 3 years. I first went to Lexi because I was not seeing any improvement through conventional medicine for my health issue. I am consistently amazed at how much better I feel after having kinesiology sessions with Lexi.” Kylie (50)
“I felt out of balance and over stressed with my business, family and health and developed a skin condition. After seeing Lexi, I felt more focused and productive at work and far less stressed. My skin condition completely left after my 2nd session within 7 days. I can’t thank you enough Lexi.” Oli (30)
“I have suffered with nightly leg cramps for many years with no relief. Lexi was recommended to me by my daughter and after 1 visit and follow up, I am now free of the dreaded leg cramps. I can highly recommend Lexi, I think she is amazing, and I will continue to be a client of her.” Lorraine (74)
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